Restoring Traditions!

Restoring Traditions

To all our loyal guests,

We appreciate all the calls and visits asking when Chevy Chase will be open for play. You love the Traditions course and we love having you here. As our excellent grounds crew works to restore the course to the standards we all expect, we hope you will come by to look around and have a chat. This website page and our Facebook page (@ChevyChaseCC) will have regular updates and progress reports. If you would like to get email updates, sign up to get email here: Join our mailing list!  While we can't say the exact date the golf course will be ready for play, we are looking forward to re-opening this fall with many weeks to play in October and November. See you then, if not sooner.

                                                               Your Chevy Chase/Wheeling Park District Staff

Summer 2017

In July following torrential rains and flood waters at near-record levels, the golf course at Chevy Chase was forced to close. As the pictures will show, Tradition Golf Course looked more like a lake than a golf course for nearly two weeks. We had no idea what the full impact would be – but we knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

In all:

  • 14 out of 18 fairways were affected
  • 8th green is 50% damaged
  • 9800 rounds of golf lost (estimated)
  • 36 Golf Outings that were affected

With the support of the Board of Commissioners, it was decided that Traditions will re-open at a time when play will not cause further damage and the golf experience is not compromised. A plan for restoring the course is already in motion:

  • Week of 7.31 - Till, slit seed, and aerify fairways to promote oxygen flow
  • Week of 8.7 - Seeding 15 acres of bent-grass and 25+ acres of rough
  • 8.10 to 8.28 - Germination
  • 8.28 onward - Mow fairways after 1” growth; roughs after 2.5” growth

There are many factors that can impact this schedule – most of them having everything to do with the cooperation of the weather! We will be using this web page and our Facebook page to keep you apprised of our progress. If all goes well, look for a possible opening date in mid-September. 

Mid-August Update

High-wire walker Nik Wallenda once said, "One of the things I enjoy is the challenge of Mother Nature." The grounds crew at Chevy Chase is walking a bit of a high-wire themselves as they find the right balance between waiting on Mother Nature and pushing her along. The pictures below show a one week change in the course at three locations - Holes 2, 8 and 18. On the surface, it's still a lot of dirt, but those little seeds are hard at work. Beautiful bent grass fairways can't be rushed by anyone! 

Early August: Preparing the Soil

Now that the water has finally receded, the process of restoring Chevy Chase has begun. Our Maintenance staff began the process by aerifying with solid tines the entire golf course to allow oxygen and nutrients into the soil. This process will also release gases from the soil that inhibit growth. The next step was to use what is called a Terra Rake to remove the layer of film and algae that was left over from the water. By destroying that layer we are able to create a healthy seed bed which will then, in turn, allow the new seed to flourish.

Last week in July: 

The water finally receded and the grounds crew gets a first look at the course. Fairways are heavily damaged. With the exception of the 8th green, which is 50 percent damaged, most of the greens are showing minimal impact.

Before the water receded.

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