Hole in One History

Hole-in-One History at Chevy Chase

Be one of the few and the proud who have accomplished a hole-in-one at our golf course. We honor the golfers who ace with money and recognition.

Hole-in-One Contest

During your next round of golf, participate in our Charitee Challenge. For $3, receive a chance to win $1,000 for a hole-in-one or a $20 gift card for hitting within the flagstick of the hole. Also, receive a complimentary beverage from the Gable Room Bar & Grill at the completion of play.

Honoring Aces

We take our golf seriously and provide proper recognition to those who have aced it with a hole-in-one. Our tradition has been to hang the names of acers from the rafters of our Gable Room Bar & Grill. Here is our list of players who have had a hole-in-one from 2003 on:

Hole 6

06/21/03 M. Bowning 04/17/04 B. Gausselin 08/11/04 J. Blaida 04/30/05 P. Brook
05/16/05 S. King 06/30/05 R. Mendoza 08/07/05 M. Witzke 09/10/05 R. Larson
10/11/05 M. Pine 04/22/06 J. Josephson 05/02/06 F. Alterio 06/03/06 T. Larker
08/11/06 J. Fitzgerald 08/13/06 M. Hendricks 08/29/06 R. Pinski 06/10/07 J. Klumpp
07/23/07 M. Winkler 08/23/07 Y. Hong 06/19/08 M. Reninger 07/10/08 W. Gatti
09/24/08 M. Lilly 09/25/08 T. Falcone 10/19/08 R. Jayaraman 06/21/09 C. Fernandez
07/10/09 D. Rintz 07/26/09 H. Emmerman 09/21/09 M. Bonomo 09/30/09 G. Barney
06/11/10 J. Fredbeck 08/08/10 M. Gross 08/09/10 N. Savich 08/10/10 J. Hall
06/08/11 B. Kaplan 06/30/11 C. Abbott 07/17/11 Y. Lee 03/20/12 H. Goldberg
04/23/12 B. Gorny 06/17/12 S. Anzelmo 06/29/12 E. Schor 07/29/12 J. Davison
09/01/12 B. Wehrs 10/07/12 K. Kishida 10/24/12 D. Mosca 05/01/13 P. Wharton
05/05/13 K. Pecka 07/11/13 T. Garcia Jr 10/04/13 T. Gawne 06/17/14 P. Carvey
07/16/14 G. Carro 09/20/14 G. Dupuis 09/23/14 S. Greifelt 10/07/14 R. Garmoe
10/30/14 R. Sabaj  04/20/15  T. Tharp  05/04/15  E. Rhee 08/13/15 F. Navarrete

Hole 9

07/10/05S. Yun09/30/05M. Schwartz06/30/06D. Dodge07/14/07H. Teraura
07/22/07H. Feldman10/09/07S. Horan09/03/09K. Barnes09/19/09B. Trnovec
09/14/10J. Levine06/07/11R. Robertson06/13/11P. Archbold07/02/11J. Foley
09/16/11J. Moran04/02/12P. Cushing04/22/12B. Kramer04/25/12C. Kongtaam
07/24/13R. Sharkey08/04/13T. Foley08/06/13T. Hiller06/04/14B. Dooley
07/14/14J. Farley08/07/14M. Hicks09/11/14S. Weber06/17/15F. Sorce Jr
08/9/15J. Ceglarek08/25/15H. Goldenberg07/01/16J. Snow7/15/16N. Caporusso

Hole 13

10/01/04I. Matyjek07/24/05K. Pecka07/30/05R. Metz08/17/05J. Lee
07/26/06M. Curtin08/16/06A. Weisman09/30/07M. Ishikura10/07/07P. Cavers
08/09/08P. Kim08/26/08J. Stein07/01/09J. Brown07/28/10S. Smith
09/04/10J. Webb08/29/11N. Paletti07/14/12K. Wirtanen04/06/13J. Wiley
09/12/13K. Chung09/23/13H. Migala11/08/13L. Giannone09/01/14V. Lobue
07/02/16J. Berardi

Hole 16

06/23/04R. Waxman07/25/04P. Moukawsher07/15/05A. Miller06/04/06R. Paul
06/17/06T. Milwa07/19/06P. Barnes07/24/06H. Bierman09/22/07C. Bordeleou
09/24/07A. Basetto11/13/07R. Campobasso06/25/08M. Stadler06/26/08C. Schor
08/02/08M. Neely09/01/08N. Ragle09/20/08T. Scott10/19/09R. Relken
10/28/09M. O’Brien04/15/10T. Terry07/07/10C. Gerstung08/21/10D. Congdon
09/15/10H. Whoosoon10/16/10K. Millman06/22/11T. Harrington08/03/12M. Helfand
08/30/12S. Wiaz04/04/13T. Plevritis06/04/14T. Girard04/12/15R. Drown
05/16/15P. Bach05/17/15M. Bryan08/25/15 C. Bley10/08/15 J. Joo
05/29/16J. Kapinos06/26/16T. Horan07/23/16P. Sammons

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